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Philippians 2:16

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Book of Philemon

Besides being one of Paul’s prison epistles composed between 60 and 63 AD, the book of Philemon is also one of the smallest books of the New Testament canon.  Many may shy away from this little book because it deals with the issue of a runaway slave whose master, Philemon, was an owner of slaves.  Slavery was a common way of life for many throughout the Roman world, however, many of these slaves did not live under severe cruelty.  Many of them functioned as tutors and simple household servants for those who could afford them.  Paul composed this little letter while under house arrest and awaiting his appeal before Nero Caesar (see Acts 28).  The books of Ephesians, Colossians, Philippians, and Hebrews were also composed by Paul from Rome during this same time period.  We will discover such rich doctrines as man’s depravity, the second birth, the concept of imputation, the concept of reconciliation, paying the debt we owe, and finally our evangelical obedience to our God.  I hope you enjoy your own journey through this little book.  Many in our congregation had many kind words to say during this series.

“The Three Men of Philemon”

Code      Title

PHM-01   Historical Introduction to Philemon–1 (Philemon 1-25)

PHM-02   Historical Introduction to Philemon–2 (Philemon 1-3)

PHM-03   Paul–the Prisoner of Christ (Philemon 1-3)

PHM-04   Philemon–a Beloved Fellow-laborer (Philemon 1-3)

PHM-05   A Christ-like Relationship (Philemon 4-9)

PHM-06   The Heart of Paul’s Letter–1 I Beseech Thee (Philemon 10-14)

PHM-07   The Heart of Paul’s Letter–2 Like Begets Like (Philemon 10-14)

PHM-08   The Heart of Paul’s Letter–3 Receiving the Brethren (Philemon 10-17)

PHM-09   The Biblical Doctrine of Imputation Explained (Philemon 17-21)

PHM-10   Debtors to God and Man (Philemon 19-20)

PHM-11   Debtors to God and Man–2 (Philemon 17-21)

PHM-12   Paul’s Confidence in Philemon (Philemon 19-21)

PHM-13   True Saving Faith–True Saving Fruit (Philemon 21-25)

PHM-14   True Saving Faith–True Saving Fruit–2 (Philemon 21-25)

PHM-15   Are Christ’s Commands an Inconvenience?–1 (Philemon 21-25)

PHM-16   Are Christ’s Commands an Inconvenience?–2 (Philemon 21-25)