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Philippians 2:16

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Miracles of Jesus 

In this series of sermons, we take a look at the various types of miracles that Jesus performed. They served more of a purpose than just to bring physical relief to the people who were affected by them.  We will look at them in more detail and bring out the spiritual lessons that can be learned from them and how they are a picture of salvation and its rewards.

Code    Sermon Title (Scripture Text)
MJ01   What is a Miracles?  (Acts 10:34-43)
MJ02   Deceiving Signs and Wonders [1] (Matt. 24:1-5, 21-25)
MJ03   Deceiving Signs and Wonders [2] ((I Kings 13)
MJ04   Jesus Heals the Leper (Matt. 8:1-3)
MJ05   Jesus Raises the Dead (John 10:11-18)
MJ06   Jesus Casts Out Demons [1] (Matt. 4:23-25)
MJ07   Jesus Casts Out Demons [2] (Ezek. 28:11-19)
MJ08   Jesus Casts Out Demons [3] (Matt. 9:32-38)
MJ09   Jesus Casts Out Demons [4] (Luke 8:26-40)
MJ10   Jesus Casts Out Demons [5] (Mark 5:6-9, 15-20)
MJ11   Jesus Casts Out Demons [6] (Mark 5:15-20)
MJ12   Jesus Casts Out Demons [7] (Gen. 3:9-21)
MJ13   Jesus Heals the Blind [1] (John 9:39-41)
MJ14   Jesus Heals the Blind [2] (Matt. 11:1-6)
MJ15   Jesus Heals the Blind [3] (John 9:1-7)
MJ16   Jesus Heals the Blind [4] (John 9:1-5)
MJ17   Jesus Heals the Blind [5] (John 9:1-7)
MJ18   Jesus Heals the Blind [6] Divider of Men (John 9:6-16)
MJ19   Jesus Heals the Blind [7] (John 9:13-29)
MJ20   Jesus Heals the Blind [8] (John 9:24-29)
MJ21   Jesus Heals the Blind [9] (John 9:28-33)
MJ22   Jesus Heals the Blind [10] (John 9:33-37)
MJ23   Postscript to the Blind Man’s Conversion [1] (John 9:35-41)
MJ24   Postscript to the Blind Man’s Conversion [2] (John 9:35-41)
MJ25   Postscript to the Blind Man’s Conversion [3] (John 9:35-41)
MJ26   Applications (John 12:35-43)
MJ27   Jesus Heals the Deaf & Dumb Man (Mark 7:31-37)