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Biblical Principles on Witnessing

In this series, I will share from both scripture and from my own experience, as a believer, that each and every child of God has a responsibility to share his faith, both by his life and by his lip.

The verbal communication of the Gospel whether from the pulpit or between two people sitting across from each other over coffee, must be substantiated by a life consistent with the message preached or shared.  Life and lip must sing the same tune, lest the message gets cluttered with static.

Modern American culture, and current “church-ianity” is full of pagans and heathens who have been cultivated in an incubator of secular humanism, courtesy of the tax-funded government controlled public school system, where God, prayer, the Ten Commandments and Creationism have been replaced with atheism, skepticism, sex education without boundaries, moral relativism and the unproven “scientific” religion of natural evolution without the need of a Creator God.

Therefore, when the pastor or the obedient witness for Christ asks John Doe Citizen on the street, “Are you saved?” like a deer in the headlights he responds, “Saved from what?”  There was a time in our nation’s past when a person’s intellect was governed by his knowledge of the Holy Bible and the God-fearing demeanor of his outward behavior.  No more, my friends!  The “fear of God” no longer saturates our culture.

A simple, “Love on Jesus” approach is not the answer, neither is the salesman approach of rattling off a few “spiritual laws” and then coercing a “decision for Jesus”.

So what is the answer?  In light of the spiritual ignorance and the illiteracy of Scripture, both in the church and outside the church, I contend for what’s called “Creation Evangelism”.  (See Paul’s approach in Acts 14 and 17.)  A fuller explanation will come later.

Please, enjoy this series and may God grant you many opportunities to share the faith with those who are still held captive by Satan’s will.

–Pastor Bob Spagnuolo

Code     Sermon Title (Scripture Text)

WIT01   Biblical Principles on Witnessing–Introduction (hymn:  So Send I You)

WIT02   Excuses for Not Witnessing–1 [Find Someone Else] (Isa. 45:22; 55:6-7)

WIT03   Excuses for Not Witnessing–2 [Fear of Rejection] (Jer. 1:3-10, Isa. 53:1-3)

WIT04   Excuses for Not Witnessing–3 [I Don’t Know What to Say] (Ex. 4:10-17; Matt. 10:16)

WIT05   Excuses for Not Witnessing–4 (He’s a Hard Nut to Crack) [Luke 1:36-38; 3:7-8]

WIT06   “Saved”–But Lost–1 (Matt. 7:21-23)

WIT07   “Saved”–But Lost–2 (I John 2:15-20)

WIT08   “Saved”–But Lost–3 [Reprobates] (II Cor. 12:14–13:9)

WIT09   “Saved”–But Lost–4 [Supposed Contradictions] (I John 3:4-10; 1:8-9)

WIT10   “Saved”–But Lost–5 [Who Is an Overcomer?] (I John 5:1-4)

WIT11   “Saved”–But Lost–6 [Promises Given to Overcomers–1] (Rev. 12:10-11)

WIT12   “Saved”–But Lost–7 [Promises Given to Overcomers–2] (I John 5:5, 2:12-14)

WIT13   “Saved”–But Lost–8 [Who Is Worthy of Salvation] (John 2:23-25, Gal. 1:6-9)

WIT14   “Saved”–But Lost–9 [Promises Given to Overcomers–3] (Rev. 2:12-17)

WIT15   “Saved”–But Lost–10 [Hidden Manna, White Stone, New Name] (Rev. 2:16-17, I Cor. 5:1-11)

WIT16   “Saved”–But Lost–11 [New Name Given–1] (John 1:35-42, Acts 11:25-26)

WIT17   “Saved”–But Lost–12 [New Name Given–2] (Isa. 62:1-5)

WIT18   “Saved”–But Lost–13 [A Troubled Congregation–1] (Rev. 2:18-19)

WIT19   “Saved”–But Lost–14 [A Troubled Congregation–2] (Rev. 2:24-29)

WIT20   “Saved”–But Lost–15 [Authority Over the Nations–1] (Rev. 2:24-29)

WIT21   “Saved”–But Lost–16 [Authority Over the Nations–2] (Gen. 49:8-12)

WIT22   “Saved”–But Lost–17 [Promise of the Morning Star] (Rev. 2:24-29)

WIT23   “Saved”–But Lost–18 [The Seven-Fold Spirit] (Rev. 3:1-6, John 16:7-11)

WIT24   “Saved”–But Lost–19 [A Shadow of a Former Glory] (Rev. 3:1-6)

WIT25   “Saved”–But Lost–20 [Unspotted Garments] (Rev. 3:3-6)

WIT26   “Saved”–But Lost–21 [Christ Shall Welcome His Own] (Rev. 3:3-6)

WIT27   “Saved”–But Lost–22 (A Church With an Open Door–1) (Rev. 3:7-13)

WIT28   “Saved”–But Lost–23 (A Church With an Open Door–2) (Rev. 3:7-13; Isa. 22:20-25)

WIT29   “Saved”–But Lost–24 (Christ Knoweth His Own) (Rev. 3:8-11, Psalm 103:13-18)

WIT30   “Saved”–But Lost–25 (Thou Hast a Little Strength) (Rev. 3:8-11, II Cor. 3:3-6)

WIT31   “Saved”–But Lost–26 (Synagogue of Satan) (Rev. 3:8-9; 2:8-9, Phil. 3:1-3)

WIT32   “Saved”–But Lost–27 (Blasphemy of the Jews) (Rev. 3:8-9, John 8:42-45)

WIT33   “Saved”–But Lost–28 (Who is a Liar?) (Rev. 3:9, Acts 24:1-3)

WIT34   “Saved”–But Lost–29 (Christ–the Heavenly Keeper of His People–1) (Rev. 3:8-10, Jude 1:24-25)

WIT35   “Saved”–But Lost–30 (Christ–the Heavenly Keeper of His People–2) (Rev. 3:8-10)

WIT36   “Saved”–But Lost–31 (Christ, the Heavenly Keeper of His People–3) [Heb. 11:32-40]

WIT37   “Saved”–But Lost–32 “Shortly, Near, At Hand”–a word study–1 (Rev. 3:10-11, Heb. 5:11)

WIT38   “Saved”–But Lost–33 “Shortly, Near, At Hand”–a word study–2 (Rev. 3:10-11, Phil. 4:4-5)

WIT39   “Saved”–But Lost–34 (Christ’s Promises to the Overcomers–1) (Rev. 3:11-13)

WIT40   “Saved”–But Lost–35 (Christ’s Promises to the Overcomers–2) (Rev. 3:11-13, II Kings 25:8-10)

WIT41   “Saved”–But Lost–36 (Christ’s Promises to the Overcomers–3) (Rev. 3:11-13, Jer. 1:17-19)

WIT42   “Saved”–But Lost–37 (Christ’s Promises to the Overcomers–4) (Rev. 3:11-13, Gal.4:25-29)

WIT43   “Saved”–But Lost–38 (Christ’s Promises to the Overcomers–5) (Rev. 3:11-13, Gen. 17:1-8)

WIT44   “Saved”–But Lost–39 Laodicea–Historical & Geographical Setting (Rev. 3:14-22, I Cor. 10:12)

WIT45   “Saved”–But Lost–40 Christ–The Amen (Rev. 3:14-15)

WIT46   “Saved”–But Lost–41 Christ–The True and Faithful Witness (Rev. 3:14-15, I Tim. 6:12-13)

WIT47   “Saved”–But Lost–42 Christ–The Beginning of the Creation of God (Rev. 3:14-15, Col. 1:14-19)

WIT48   “Saved”–But Lost–43 (Lukewarm–Worthless) (Rev. 3:14-22)

WIT49   “Saved”–But Lost–44 (Lukewarm-Worthless)-2 (Rev. 3:15-17)

WIT50   “Saved”–But Lost–45 (Christ’s Counsel to Laodiceans–1) (Rev. 3:17-18)

WIT51   “Saved”–But Lost–46 (Christ’s Counsel to Laodiceans–2) (Rev. 3:14-22, Hag. 1:3-11)

WIT52   “Saved”–But Lost–47 Three Precious Treasures–1 (Rev. 3:18-22)

WIT53   “Saved”–But Lost–48 Three Precious Treasures–2 (Rev. 3:18-22)

WIT54   “Saved”–But Lost–49 Three Precious Treasures–3 (Rev. 3:18-22)

WIT55   “Saved”–But Lost–50 Christ’s Love Through Chastisement (Rev. 3:19a)

WIT56   “Saved”–But Lost–51 Be Zealous (Rev. 3:19, Eph. 5:5-16)

WIT57   “Saved”–But Lost–52 An Urgent Zealous Call for Repentance (Rev. 3:19)

WIT58   “Saved”–But Lost–53 A Knocking at the Door–1 (Rev. 3:17-20)

WIT59   “Saved”–But Lost–54 A Knocking at the Door–2 (Rev. 3:17-20)

WIT60   “Saved”–But Lost–55 Christ’s Promise to the Overcomers–1 (Rev. 3:20-22; 21:5-8)

WIT61   “Saved”–But Lost–56 Christ’s Promise to the Overcomers–2 (Rev. 3:21-22; 20:1-6)

WIT62   “Saved”–But Lost–57 Series Conclusion–1 (Rev. 1:10-11, 19-20)

WIT63   “Saved”–But Lost–58 Series Conclusion–2 (Rev. 1:10-11, 19-20)

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