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Philippians 2:16

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John’s Letters

Book of I John–Blessed Assurance  (On a separate page)

Book of II John

2JN-01   Introduction–The Heart of the Matter (II John)

2JN-02   The Elect Lady and Her Elect Sister (II John 1 & 13)

2JN-03   The Centrality of Truth (II John 1-4, John 18:37-38)

2JN-04   The Centrality of Love (II John 4-6; Rom. 13:10)

2JN-05   Many Deceivers are Here–1 (II John)

2JN-06   Many Deceivers are Here–2 (II John 6-7)

2JN-07   Back to Genesis–Back to Basics–1 (II John 7-9; Gen. 3:1-9)

2JN-08   Back to Genesis–Back to Basics–2 (II John 7-9; Gen. 3:1-9)

2JN-09   The Danger of Losing It All (II John 7-8)

2JN-10   The Doctrine of Christ (II John 9-14)

2JN-11   The Doctrine of Christ–2 (II John 7-9)

2JN-12    Be Ye Doctrinally Pure (II John 9-13)

Book of III John  (Note:  For consistency, codes have changed on the file name.)

3JN-01  Four Men of III John–1 Which John? (III John)

3JN-02  Four Men of III John–2 Gaius, the Well-Beloved–1 (III John)

3JN-03  Four Men of III John–3 Gaius, the Well-Beloved–2 (III John)

3JN-04  Four Men of III John–4 Gaius, the Well-Beloved–3 (III John)

3JN-05  Four Men of III John–5 Many Parts, One Body (III John; I Cor. 12:4-27)

3JN-06  Four Men of III John–6 Diotrephes–Every Church’s Nightmare–1 (III John 9-11)

3JN-07  Four Men of III John–7 Diotrephes–Receiveth Us Not (III John 9-11)

3JN-08  Four Men of III John–8 Diotrephes–I Will Remember His Deeds (III John 9-11)

3JN-09  Four Men of III John–9 Diotrephes–the Malicious Prater (III John 9-11)

3JN-10  Four Men of III John–10 Diotrephes–The Sword of Malicious Words (III John 9-11)

3JN-11  Four Men of III John–11 Diotrephes–A Discontented Soul (III John 9-11)

3JN-12  Four Men of III John–12 Diotrephes–A Discontented Soul–2 (III John 9-11)

3JN-13  Four Men of III John–13 Diotrephes–Evil Deeds Ripened (III John 10)

3JN-14  Four Men of III John–14 Contrasting Good and Evil Men (III John 11)

3JN-15  Four Men of III John–15 Demetrius–A Man With a Good Report (III John 12)

3JN-16  Four Men of III John–16 A Permanent Written Record (III John 13-14)

3JN-17  Four Men of III John–17 Recap and Conclusion (III John 1-14)