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Study Aids Resources 

We will keep a list of class handouts and visual aids on this page.  

You may print them out for your own use.  

They are referenced by the sermon in which they were first used.

B01       Church History series:  A packet of handouts included materials gleaned from             books and from the Internet:

Local Churches of the Bible 70 AD

Relationship of Key Hasmoneans

Church History Glossary

House of Herod

The Twelve Disciples and Paul after the Death of Jesus

Function of the Ekklesia

The Spread of Christianity

Roman Empire at the Time of Hadrian 116 AD

The Roman Emperors

C01       Nine Marks of a Healthy Church * workbook  

This workbook is currently out of print.  

(However, the author has given us permission to scan and make copies of the

workbook for our use.)  Chapters 1-6 currently online.

D49       Esther Time Line

DAN06   What the Bible Teaches Concerning the

            “Kingdom of God” and the “Kingdom of Heaven”

DAN40   The Eleventh Horn Identified (Dan. 7:7-8) whiteboard chart of Caesars

D65       Timeline for Esther for accompanying visual chart.

DEU101   Hebrew Calendar and Feast of Unleavened Bread chart

EV19    The Gospel of Forgiveness in a Floor Plan (Col. 1:12-14, 19-21)

Sermon outline--Gospel of Forgiveness in a Floor Plan

Tabernacle Diagram

EV20   The Gospel of Sanctification (I Peter 1:13-16)

Sanctification chart used in this lesson

EV26   The Believer’s Assurance of His Faith–1 (I John 5:18-21)

         lesson handouts:  Assurance of Salvation (pdf)    The Word Hand (pdf)

EV48   Three Days & Three Nights–Jesus, A True Prophet (Ex. 12:12-20)

          Graphic:  Three Days and Three Nights Illustrated

H12     Eschatology 101--Introduction  

(Note a folder with the following charts was handed out as a general reference              to be used throughout the lessons in this series.)

          Chart:  What the Bible Teaches Concerning the “Kingdom of God” and the “Kingdom of Heaven”

          Chart:  Chart of the Dispensations

          Chart:  Millenial Views

          Chart:  Seven Stages of Church History

          Chart:  The Seven Churches of Revelation 2--3 (KJV)

          Chart:  Historical Pre-Millenialism

          Chart:  Daniel’s 70 weeks

J01       Why We Use and Hold to the King James Version

Ancestry of English Versions

Inspiration and Decrees

Lesson Overview--Terms and Definitions

Lexicon Sample

Minuscule Sample

Originals to Copies

Sample of Uncials with Redaction

Sinaiticus Sample

Try Answering These From Your NIV

NTG02   New Testament Canon Complete Before 70 AD chart

NV54    “Adam to Noah”–gospel in the names

NV54    “The Scarlet Thread” (print out of verses referenced on an Answers in Genesis poster)

PS01      Parable of the Sower--parallel KJV scripture for reference

PT007   Dispensations Chart 1

SOV25   Doctrines of Grace   workbook by Pastor Randy Booth, used by permission

Entire scanned workbook in one .pdf file

Memory Verses in KJV (our own supplement)

SOV25   A Biblical Review of the Absolute Sovereignty of God, by Pastor Bob Spagnuolo

SOV29   Federal Headship Comparison Chart

STW08   Historical, Geographical & Political Backdrop

List of Roman Emperors

Timeline for the Book of Acts (from our whiteboard)

Map of the Roman Empire (photo of a chart)