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Philippians 2:16

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Acts–section F–First Missionary Journey

Code         Sermon Title & Text

ACTS170   Missions–The Holy Spirit’s Endeavor–1 (Acts 13:1-3)

ACTS171   From Antioch to Cyprus (Acts 13:3-5)

ACTS172   The Message is Opposed–1 (Acts 13:6-12)

ACTS173   The Message is Opposed–1 (Acts 13:6-12)

ACTS174   The Message is Opposed–1 (Acts 13:6-13)

ACTS175   Go Ye Unto the Nations–1 (Acts 13:13-54)

ACTS176   Go Ye Unto the Nations–2 (Acts 13:16-22)

ACTS177   The God Who Makes and Keeps His Promises (Acts 13:22-26)

ACTS178   The Christ of Paul’s Message (Acts 13:25-28)

ACTS179   The Christ of Paul’s Message–2 (Acts 13:28-31)

ACTS180   The Christ of Paul’s Message–3 (Acts 13:29-37)

ACTS181   Paul’s Application to His Message–1 (Acts 13:36-41)

ACTS182   Paul’s Application to His Message–2 (Acts 13:38-41)

ACTS183   Paul’s Application to His Message–3 (Acts 13:38-41)

ACTS184   Paul’s Prophetic Warning–1 (Acts 13:38-41, Col. 1:25-29)

ACTS185   Paul’s Prophetic Warning–2 (Acts 13:41-43, Isa. 6:9-10)

ACTS186   No Man is Neutral (Acts 13:42-52)

ACTS187   The Reaction From God’s Covenant People (Acts 13:44-52)

ACTS188   Paul’s Message to His Gainsayers(Acts 13:44-52)

ACTS189   The Gentiles Rejoice in God (Acts 13:46-52)

ACTS190   The Work of God Continues (Acts 13:50–14:7)

ACTS191   The Word of God Confirmed (Acts 14:1-7)

ACTS192   Suffering for the Word’s Sake–1 (Acts 14:8-18)

ACTS193   Suffering for the Word’s Sake–2 (Acts 14:8-18)

ACTS194   Creation Evangelism 101 (Acts 14:13-18)

ACTS195   Scandalized for Christ–1 (Acts 14:19-28)

ACTS196   Scandalized for Christ–2 (Acts 14:19-28)

ACTS197   Early Churches Arising (Acts 14:21-28)