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Daniel–part 2 Chapters 7-12

(Chapters 1-6 are on Daniel part 1)

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Chapter 7–Four Beasts, Four Empires, One Messiah

DAN34   The Empires According to Heaven (Dan. 7:1-8)

DAN35   A Scenic Byway in Daniel 7 (Dan. 7:1-14)

DAN36   Four Beasts, Four Empires & Messiah–1 (Daniel 7:1-8, 17)

DAN37   Four Beasts, Four Empires & Messiah–2 (Daniel 7:1-8)

DAN38   Four Beasts, Four Empires & Messiah–3 (Dan. 11:1-4; Dan. 7:6-8)

DAN39   Four Beasts, Four Empires & Messiah–4 (Dan. 7:7-8)

DAN40   The Eleventh Horn Identified (Dan. 7:7-8)

DAN41   The Little Horn–1 (Dan. 7:7-14)

DAN42   The Little Horn–2 Full of Eyes (Dan. 7:7-14)

DAN43   He Cometh With Clouds–1 (Psalm 104:1-5)

DAN44   He Cometh With Clouds–2 (Psalm 97:1-6)

DAN45   The Little Horn–3 A Stout Mouth (Daniel 7:7-14)

DAN46   The Son of Man (Daniel 7:13-14)

DAN47   Daniel is Given the Matter (Daniel 7:15-28)

Chapter 8–A Ram Meets a Goat

DAN48   Enter the Ram and He Goat (Daniel 8:1-12)

DAN49   The Little Syrian Horn (Daniel 8:8-14)

DAN50   The Little Syrian Horn–2 (Daniel 8:23-27)

Chapter 9–Daniel’s 490 years leading to Messiah, the Prince

DAN51   God’s Heavenly Timepiece–1 (Daniel 9:1-2)

DAN52   Praying Heaven’s Words Back to Heaven–1 (Daniel 9:1-2)

DAN53   Praying Heaven’s Words Back to Heaven–2 (Daniel 9:3-19)

DAN54   Why May 1948 Fulfilled NO Prophecies (Daniel 9:16-19)

DAN55   Heaven’s Message to Daniel–1 (Dan. 9:20-23)

DAN56   Heaven’s Message to Daniel–2 (Daniel 9:20-27)

DAN57   Heaven’s Message to Daniel–3 (Daniel 9:24-27)

DAN58   Daniel 9:24–Fulfilled in Christ–1 (Daniel 9:24)

DAN59   Daniel 9:24–Fulfilled in Christ–2 (Daniel 9:24)

DAN60   Daniel’s Messiah the Prince (Daniel 9:24-27)

DAN61   The Prince Who Confirms the Covenant–1 Overview and Presuppositions (Dan. 9:24-27)

DAN62   The Prince Who Confirms the Covenant–2 Adam’s Covenant of Works (Gen. 2:16-17, Rom. 5:12-19)

DAN63   The Prince Who Confirms the Covenant–3 Noahic & Abrahamic (Heb. 12:18-24, Gen. 9:12-17)

DAN64   The Prince Who Confirms the Covenant–4 Palestinian Land Promise (Gen. 15:18-21, Josh. 21:43-45)

DAN65   The Prince Who Confirms the Covenant–5 Davidic Covenant Fulfilled–1 (II Samuel 7:7-17)

DAN66   The Prince Who Confirms the Covenant–6 Davidic Covenant Fulfilled–2 (II Samuel 7:7-17)

DAN67   The Prince Who Confirms the Covenant–7 Mosaic Covenant

DAN68   The Prince Who Confirms the Covenant–8 Everlasting Covenant–1 (Dan. 9:27, Matt. 26:26-29)

DAN69   The Prince Who Confirms the Covenant–9 Everlasting Covenant–2

Chapter 10–When Heaven Meets Earth

DAN70   Daniel’s Closing Days as a Prophet & Statesman–1 Historical Context (Daniel 10:1-9)

DAN71   When Heaven Meets Earth (Daniel 10:1-10, II Cor. 4:1-4)

DAN72   When Heaven Meets Earth–2 (Daniel 10:10-21)

Chapter 11–Persia to Herod

DAN73   Historical Background to Chapters 11-12 (Daniel 11:1-4)

DAN74   Intertestamental History–1 (Daniel 11:1-11)

DAN75   Intertestamental History–2 (Daniel 11:12-20)

DAN76   That Vile Person (Daniel 11:21-35)

DAN77   Herod the Great–1 The Willful King (Daniel 11:36)

DAN78   Herod the Great–2 (Daniel 11:36-45)

Chapter 12–Daniel’s Wrap Up