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Character Studies

On this page we will place sermon series whose intent is to look at a Bible character.  We will also make a list of cross-references to other series that at some point include a character study.

Code   Title (text)

Naaman, the Syrian

NAA-01  The Man Who Had It All–1 (II Kings 5:1)

NAA-02  The Man Who Had It All–2 (II Kings 5:1-7)

NAA-03  The Man Who Had It All–3 (II Kings 5:7-9)

NAA-04  Obey or Die–1 God’s School House of Humility (II Kings 5:9-13)

NAA-05  Go and Wash (II Kings 5:10-14)

NAA-06  Postscript to Naaman the Syrian–1 (II Kings 5:14-27)

NAA-07  Postscript to Naaman the Syrian–2 (II Kings 5:14-27)

Good King Hezekiah

GKH01  An Historical Background to a Divided Kingdom–1 (I Kings 9:1-9)

GKH02  An Historical Background to a Divided Kingdom–2 (II Chron. 27:7–28:1)

GKH03  A Bad King Turned Diabolical (Prov. 4:20-27)

GKH04  The Revival Begins (II Kings 18:1-3; II Chron. 29:1-2)

GKH05  The Source of the Revival–a Prepared Heart (II Kings 18:1-8)

GKH06  Clean Up This House (II Chron. 29:12-19)

GKH07  Hezekiah Takes the Lead (II Chron. 29:20-36)

GKH08  Ten Tribes in Exile (II Kings 18:9-12)

GKH09  Turn, Yield, and Serve (II Chron. 30:1-10)

GKH10  Doubters, Dissenters and Distractors (II Chron. 30:10-14)

GKH11  The Feast of Unleavened Bread (II Chron. 30:15-22)

GKH12  A Mixed Congregation (II Chron. 30:22-25)

GKH13  A Grass-Roots Response (II Chron. 30:25–31:1)

GKH14  A Priestly Benediction (II Chron. 30:25–31:1)

GKH15  Following a Divine Pattern (II Chron. 31:2-19)

GKH16  The Good, the Right and the Truth (II Chron. 31:20-21)

GKH17  Hezekiah, Sennacherib & God Almighty–1 (Is. 36:1, II Kings 18:3, II Chron 32:1)

GKH18  Hezekiah, Sennacherib & God Almighty–2 (II Chron. 32:1-8)

GKH19  Hezekiah, Sennacherib & God Almighty–3 (II Chron. 32:9-23)

GKH20  Hezekiah’s Fall and Pride (II Chron. 32:24-26; Isa. 38:1-8)

GKH21  God Tests Hezekiah (Isa. 39:1-8)  Note:  End of series.

Cross reference:

CL15    This Poor Man Cried (Isa. 38:1-8) (topic of prayer)

IS31     Dare to Be a Hezekiah (II Chron. 31:20-21, Rom. 12:12-21)

Jeremiah–Prophet, Priest, Patriot

JPPP01   Jeremiah’s Call & Burden–1 (Jer. 1:1-19)

JPPP02   Jeremiah’s Call & Burden–2 (Jer. 1:1-19)

JPPP03   A Timeline Expounded–1 (Jer. 2:5-130

JPPP04   A Timeline Expounded–2 (Jer. 3:1-11)

JPPP05   God’s Indictment Against Judah’s Pastors (Jer. 23:9-18)

JPPP06   The Need to Rediscover THE BOOK (Jer. 28:1-4, 10-11, 15-17)

JPPP07   Be Not Envious of the Wicked (Jer. 12:1-6)

JPPP08   Two Ways Given (Jer. 7:1-11; 21:8-10)

JPPP09   Are You Blessed or Cursed? (Jer. 17:1-11)

JPPP10   Are You a Good Fig or an Evil Fig? (Jer. 24:1-10)

JPPP11   How To Identify a Bible Believer–1 (Jer. 36:1-19)

JPPP12   How To Identify a Bible Believer–2 (Jer. 36:20-32)

JPPP13   Man-made Religion–A False Assurance (Jer. 7:1-16)

JPPP14   The Need for Faithfulness to Our God (Jer. 7:17-34)

JPPP15   Jeremiah’s Derision (Lam. 2:7-22)

JPPP16   Don’t Pray–But Preach (Lam. 3:1-36)

Other Character studies Cross Reference List


   Stephen ACTS80 and ACTS81

    Phillip ACTS119 and ACTS125

    Simon the Sorcerer ACTS121- ACTS123

   Timothy ACTS206–211

“Daniel”   DAN25–29   Picture of a Principled Man (Dan. 6:1-3) ff.

“Four Men of Third John

    John   3JN01  

    Diotrophes  3JN06—13

   Gaius  3JN02—04

    Demetrius  3JN15

Nativity Series:  

   Zacharias NV02

   Mary NV03

   Joseph NV04

   Jesus “What Child is This?” NV-06–09

   Simeon NV10–30

   Anna NV31–37

   John the Baptist NV38–43

   Herod the Great NV60–66

   The Holy Spirit “Agent of the Incarnation” NV72–77

Philemon PHM04