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Philippians 2:16

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To Judge or NOT to Judge

Today, we are advised that we are living in the post-modern era as well as the post-Christian era. Political correctness, wide-open tolerance and the acceptance of every man’s idea is the mantra of the the twenty-first century man. Both the Christian and the church are being told to confine their ideas and teachings within the four walls of their church and home.  One area of life where this is most prominent is the matter of making proper judgements about behavior, sectarian beliefs and certain alternative life styles. Many will run to Matthew 7:1 and proudly proclaim “Thou shalt not judge”.  However, by examining the entire passage, we will find in this series that one can pronounce a righteous judgement in behavior, sectarian beliefs and life styles. The purpose of making a judgement is to correct, heal and restore the individual who is walking out of the Lord’s way. It is to be done lovingly, prayerfully and with all pertinent information at hand. Judgement is never to be done as an act of vengeance.  May the Lord bless you as you journey through this series.
--Pastor Bob Spagnuolo

Code   Sermon Title (Scripture Text)
JJ01   Introduction to this Series (Matt. 7:1-5; John 7:19-25)
JJ02   Scriptural Word Power (Lev. 19:15-17)
JJ03   Political Correctness! (Rom. 14:1)
JJ04   Spiritual Discernment (Ezek. 22:23-31; John 4:9)
JJ05   Analytical and Critical Thinking (Jer. 5:1-5)
JJ06   Situational Ethics (Judges 2:3, 10-15)
JJ07   Moral Relativism (Judges 19:16-30)
JJ08   Deadly Philosophies of Today (Prov. 30:11-14)
JJ09   Can We Define Sin? (Prov. 30:11-14)
JJ10   A Lesson in Application [1] (Jer. 23:16-18)
JJ11   A Lesson in Application [2] (II Peter 2:1-3)
JJ12   A Lesson in Application [3] (II Cor. 11:1-4, 13-15)
JJ13   Exposition of Matthew 7 [1] (Matt. 7:1-5)
JJ14   Exposition of Matthew 7 [2] (John 8:1-11)