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Dispensational Premillenialism (DP hereafter) is a relatively new doctrine and a British innovation that migrated to America in the early 1800’s.  It attempts to teach how God deals with people in various ages since man was created in the Garden of Eden.

Many of the early Church Fathers and writers such as Justin Martyr (A.D. 110-165), and Iranaeus (A.D. 130-200), held to an earthly millennial view, but not colored by what is today called DP  (“Christian Zionism”).

DP would include such innovations as:

 a marked distinction between Old Testament Israel and the New Testament Church

a marked distinction between the terms “kingdom of God” and “kingdom of Heaven”

the necessity of a third rebuilt Temple complex

the reinstitution of the Levitical sacrifices and physical circumcision

A revived Roman Empire led by an individual called the “AntiChrist”

A supposed seven-year peace treaty with the Jews re-gathered in their ancient homeland

During the mid-1600's writers such as Pierre Poiret (1646-1719), John Edwards (1637-1716), and Isaac Watts (1674-1748) started mentioning more on this subject. However, it was not until men like John Nelson Darby (1800-1882) and C.I. Scofield (1843-1921) and a movement known as the Plymouth Brethren, that the vast DP movement began to permeate the modern church and spread like wild fire, crossing many denominational lines.

Later, men like Lewis Sperry Chafer, Charles Ryrie, Dwight Pentecost, John Walvoord, and Hal Lindsey kept the doctrine alive and growing as they commented in detail, expanding it in greater depth and intensity. More recently, Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye, created the “Left Behind” series of novels that have sensationalized end-time events with tremendous fiction and imagination. DP has become so widely dispersed throughout Bible colleges and seminaries that it has arrested the attention of many Christians since it began, with no other viewpoints allowed to challenge it. Overall, DP has more vain imagination than scriptural proof to back it up!

DP has become one of the greatest “tests of fellowship” to the exclusion of greater and more weighty doctrines concerning Christ's work and ministry, like His atonement, justification by faith alone, repentance of sin, sanctification of our daily lives, the grand biblical doctrine of election, and other essential doctrines that truly bind the believers to their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

DP has so enraptured the attention of many congregations that it has almost become the mainstay for most “gospel” preaching. Modern-day Christians are more concerned about identifying the Anti-Christ, than they are of growing in grace, living a godly life and loving their Lord. Did not Paul the Apostle warn the church as a whole in 2 Timothy 4:3-5, "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. But watch thou in all things…”?

Hopefully, this study of Eschatology will be a profitable study for all. Is DP a truth found in scripture? Is it a fable to be turned from? Has God turned from national Israel (since they have rejected their Messiah) and embraced only those who have accepted Jesus as their Savior and Lord? Has God truly broken down the wall of partition that once separated the Jew from the Gentile, and now allows both to come to Christ as Savior?

It must be stated from the beginning that there are two or more distinct views on DP, and even an alternative view of how our God deals with His ancient covenant people Israel. However, the true "Israel of God" today, are the true believers that have received Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord of their lives.

Recommended resources on this topic:

The Once And Future Israel (a short book) on the Articles page
for a complete and profitable view of the true Israel of God.

Basic Training for Understanding Bible Prophecy Vol. 1 & 2,
A DVD presentation by Gary DeMar of American Vision
More information at their website:  www.AmericanVision.org

Before Jerusalem Fell (Dating the Book of Revelation)
A DVD presentation as well as a book by Dr. Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.
More information at the website:   www.NiceneCouncil.com

Code  Sermon Title (Scripture Text)
H01   Dispensationalism Makes Jesus a Liar (Matt. 16:21-28)
H02   Jesus Warns of His Coming (Matt. 16:28-32)
H03   Behold Thy King Cometh Unto Thee [1] (Matt. 21:1-11)
H04   Behold Thy King Cometh Unto Thee [2] (Matt. 21:1-11)
H05   Parable of the Two Sons [1] (Matt. 21:28-32)
H06   Parable of the Two Sons [2] (Matt. 21:28-32)
H07   Parable of the Two Sons [3] Accountability (Luke 12:41-48)
H08   Parable of the Two Sons [4]
H09   Abrahamic Covenant Realized (Gen. 12:1-3)
H10   One New Man (Eph. 2:11-22)
H11   One People, One Purpose, One Destiny (Rom. 4:1-14)
H12   Eschatology 101--Introduction (II Tim. 3:14-17)
                (Note:  See “Study Aid Resources” for list of charts handed out in this lesson.)
H13   Eschatology 101--This Present Evil World (Matt. 13:47-52)
H14   Principles of Hermeneutics--1 (Neh. 8:1-12)
H15   Principles of Hermeneutics--2 (I Cor. 14:6-11, 18-20)
H16   Principles of Hermeneutics--3 (Matt. 16:1-12)
H17   Millennial Schemes--Historic Premillennialism (Rev. 20:1-6)
H18   Millennial Schemes--Amillennialism (A Kingdom Realized)--1 (Heb. 9:1-12)
H19   Millennial Schemes--Amillenialism (A Kingdom Realized)--2 (Heb. 9:11-12, 24-28)
H20   Millennial Schemes--Postmillennialism--1 A Gospel Victorious (I Pet. 1:8-12, Heb. 9:24-26)

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