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Philippians 2:16

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Pastor’s Bible Study

As a full-time retiree, Pastor Bob Spagnuolo now has opportunity to conduct a Bible study on the first and third Wednesday mornings each month.

This is a time of informal lessons and discussions of a study book.

We trust these discussions will be of benefit to you in your spiritual journey!

Our Current Study:

(Beginning August, 2020)

The Development of

the New Testament

By Arthur M. Ogden

This book is currently out of print.  You might try finding a used copy for purchase online.  The author’s son hopes to republish at some point in the future.

Our current plan is to spend two sessions on each of the 13 lessons in the book.

Links will be activated as the lessons are taught:

Introduction and Materials Offer

Lesson 1-A  The Divine Technique

Lesson 1-B  The Divine Technique

Lesson 1-C-a The Divine Technique Review and “Home Exercises”

Lesson 1-C-b The Divine Technique Review and “Home Exercises”

Lesson 2-A  History’s Role–the Roman Empire

Lesson 2-B  History’s Role–Judean Rulers & Four Guidelines

Lesson 2-C  History’s Role–review and “Home Exercises”

Lesson 3-A  The Historical Reconstruction–30-33 A.D.

Lesson 3-B  The Historical Reconstruction–33-44 A.D.

Lesson 3-C  The Historical Reconstruction–44-50 A.D.

Lesson 3-D  The Historical Reconstruction–review and “Home Exercises”

Lesson 4-A  The Historical Reconstruction–50-53 A.D.

Lesson 4-B  The Historical Reconstruction–53-58 A.D.

Lesson 4-C  The Historical Reconstruction–58-65 A.D.   Timeline chart

Lesson 4-D  The Historical Reconstruction–Review & “Home Exercises”

Lesson 5-A  The Primary Revelation

Lesson 5-B  Transition from Oral to Written

Lesson 5-C  The Literary Revelation

Lesson 5-D  I Thessalonians (52 A.D.)

Lesson 5-E  The Primary & Literary Revelation–Review & “Home Exercises”

Lesson 6-A  The Literary Revelation continues  2 Thessalonians (53 A.D.)

Lesson 6-B  Galatians (55-56 A.D.) (Chapters 1-3)

Lesson 6-C  Galatians–part 2 (Chapter 4)

Lesson 6-D  Galatians–conclusion (Chapters 5-6)

Lesson 6-E  I Corinthians (57 A.D.)

Lesson 6-F  I Corinthians–conclusion (overview of highlights)

Lesson 6-G  II Corinthians (57 A.D.) (overview chapters 1-4)

Lesson 6-H  II Corinthians (overview chapters 6-13)

Lesson 6-I   Romans (58 A.D.)  Chapter 1–Paul’s First Indictment Against Humanity

Lesson 6-J   Romans Chapter 2–The Plight of the Religious Man

Lesson 6-K   Romans Chapters 2-3 The Circumcision of Christ

Lesson 6-L   Romans Chapters 4-7 The Heart and Soul of Romans

Lesson 6-M   Romans Chapter 8-a Carnal Versus Spiritual

Lesson 6-N   Romans Chapter 8-b Pearls of Salvation

Lesson 6-  The Literary Revelation continues–Review & “Home Exercises”

Lesson 7-A  Paul’s Literary Interlude

Lesson 8-A  Paul’s Prison Epistles

Lesson 9_A  The Post Prison Epistles

Lesson 10-A The Post Prison Epistles

Lesson 11-A The Works of John

Lesson 12-A The Book of Revelation

Lesson 13-A The Testimony of History