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Book of Daniel 

Besides the Prophet Jeremiah, the Prophet/Statesman Daniel, is one of my favorite Biblical characters.  Taken captive at a very young age, possibly bereft of his parents, and exiled in a strange land, he overcame every obstacle both friend and foe could lay before him.  Along with his three other brothers in the faith, he challenged a culture which was devoid of true religion and heartfelt compassion.  He and his friends stood true and faithful to the faith of their fathers and were the means to a King’s true conversion to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  

For me, the Book of Daniel contains both historical narratives along with prophetic dreams, visions and Messianic forecasts which all point to Christ’s first coming.  Liberal theologians who place Daniel’s writings to a period some two to three centuries before Christ’s coming are totally wrong.  The Book of Daniel was written during his own time to include the seventy years of captivity.  The events recorded, and the dreams, visions, and prophetic utterances recorded, transpired between 606 BC and 539 BC with the rise of the Persian Empire and with the first group of returnees going back to the land of Israel.

Furthermore, many modern-day prophecy “experts” have abused this book by using it as their own personal playground in their attempts to give it a twenty-first century interpretation.  I contend that the overwhelming prophetic message of Daniel’s book centers its attention on Christ’s first coming and to the destruction of apostate Judaism by the Romans in AD 70.

I may not answer all your questions touching the subject of end-times prophecy.  I might generate more questions than I have answers.  However, without a proper understanding of this book, the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ will remain a sealed book.  Please enjoy this series, and above all, please be Berean.  Test all things by Scripture, not by comparing the “experts” amongst themselves.

--Pastor Bob Spagnuolo

Code     Title (Scripture)

DAN01   God Honors Those Who Honor Him (Daniel 1, Prov. 4:23-27)

DAN02   The Limits to Human Wisdom--1 (Daniel 2:1-11, I Cor. 1:17-31, 2:6-16)

DAN03   God’s Man in the Gap (Daniel 2:12-23; Ezek. 22:23-31)

DAN04   The Dream Revealed--1 (Daniel 7:1-8)

DAN05   Preview to Eschatology 101--Part 1 (Daniel 2:29-35)

DAN06   A Dream Come True and a Golden Statue (Daniel 2:36–3:12)

DAN07   A Faith Tested–A Faith Confirmed (Daniel 3:8-30)

DAN08   Prologue to Nebuchadnezzar’s Conversion Account (Isa. 28:9-10, 13; Dan. 4:1-3)

DAN09   Nebuchadnezzar’s Troubling Dream (Dan. 4:3-18)

DAN10   Daniel Interprets the King’s Dream (Dan. 4:19-27)

DAN11   The Surety of God’s Word (Dan. 4:28-32)

DAN12   Conversion of a Pagan King–New Heart, New Mind (Dan. 4:33-37)

DAN13   No Knowledge–No Salvation–1 (Rom. 10:12-17)

DAN14   No Knowledge–No Salvation–2 (Rom. 10:12-17)

DAN15   Biblical Knowledge Leads to Biblical Salvation (Dan. 4:34-37, Jer. 9:23-24)

DAN16   Go and Tell the World (Dan. 4:1-3; Luke 24:47-48)

DAN17   Historical Background to Daniel 5 (Daniel 5:30-31)

DAN18   The Impious King (Daniel 5:1-4)

DAN19   A Violation of the Third Commandment (Dan. 5:2-9)

DAN20   Enter–One Wise Queen

DAN21   Enter–The Man Daniel (Dan. 5:13-21)

DAN22   Thou Knewest These Things (Dan. 5:22, Luke 12:47-48)

DAN23   Pride Goeth Before a Fall (Dan. 5:22-24)

DAN24   The Final Verdict (Dan. 5:24-31)

DAN25   Picture of a Principled Man (Dan. 6:1-3)

DAN26   The Cost of Being a Principled Man (Dan. 6:4-5)

DAN27   Flattering Lips (Daniel 6:4-9)

DAN28   Convictions Versus Preferences (Dan. 6:10)

DAN29   The Cost of Convictions (Dan. 6:10-17)

DAN30   A Restless King, A Contented Prophet (Dan. 6:18-23)

DAN31   Vengeance Belongeth to God–1 (Dan. 6:23-28)

DAN32   Vengeance Belongeth to God–2 (Dan. 6:23-28)

DAN33   God Always Provides a Witness for Himself (Dan. 6:23-28)

DAN34   The Empires According to Heaven (Dan. 7:1-8)

DAN35   A Scenic Byway in Daniel 7 (Dan. 7:1-14)

DAN36   Four Beasts, Four Empires & Messiah–1 (Daniel 7:1-8, 17)

DAN37   Four Beasts, Four Empires & Messiah–2 (Daniel 7:1-8)

DAN38   Four Beasts, Four Empires & Messiah–3 (Dan. 11:1-4; Dan. 7:6-8)

DAN39   Four Beasts, Four Empires & Messiah–4 (Dan. 7:7-8)

DAN40   The Eleventh Horn Identified (Dan. 7:7-8)

DAN41   The Little Horn–1 (Dan. 7:7-14)

DAN42   The Little Horn–2 Full of Eyes (Dan. 7:7-14)

DAN43   He Cometh With Clouds–1 (Psalm 104:1-5)

DAN44   He Cometh With Clouds–2 (Psalm 97:1-6)

DAN45   The Little Horn–3 A Stout Mouth (Daniel 7:7-14)

DAN46   The Son of Man (Daniel 7:13-14)

DAN47   Daniel is Given the Matter (Daniel 7:15-28)

DAN48   Enter the Ram and He Goat (Daniel 8:1-12)

DAN49   The Little Syrian Horn (Daniel 8:8-14)

DAN50   The Little Syrian Horn–2 (Daniel 8:23-27)

DAN51   God’s Heavenly Timepiece–1 (Daniel 9:1-2)

DAN52   Praying Heaven’s Words Back to Heaven–1 (Daniel 9:1-2)

DAN53   Praying Heaven’s Words Back to Heaven–2 (Daniel 9:3-19)

DAN54   Why May 1948 Fulfilled NO Prophecies (Daniel 9:16-19)

DAN55   Heaven’s Message to Daniel–1 (Dan. 9:20-23)

DAN56   Heaven’s Message to Daniel–2 (Daniel 9:20-27)

DAN57   Heaven’s Message to Daniel–3 (Daniel 9:24-27)

DAN58   Daniel 9:24–Fulfilled in Christ–1 (Daniel 9:24)

DAN59   Daniel 9:24–Fulfilled in Christ–2 (Daniel 9:24)

DAN60   Daniel’s Messiah the Prince (Daniel 9:24-27)

DAN61   The Prince Who Confirms the Covenant–1 Overview and Presuppositions (Dan. 9:24-27)

DAN62   The Prince Who Confirms the Covenant–2 Adam’s Covenant of Works (Gen. 2:16-17, Rom. 5:12-19)

DAN63   The Prince Who Confirms the Covenant–3 Noahic & Abrahamic (Heb. 12:18-24, Gen. 9:12-17)

DAN64   The Prince Who Confirms the Covenant–4 Palestinian Land Promise (Gen. 15:18-21, Josh. 21:43-45)

DAN65   The Prince Who Confirms the Covenant–5 Davidic Covenant Fulfilled–1 (II Samuel 7:7-17)

DAN66   The Prince Who Confirms the Covenant–6 Davidic Covenant Fulfilled–2 (II Samuel 7:7-17)

DAN67   The Prince Who Confirms the Covenant–7 Mosaic Covenant

DAN68   The Prince Who Confirms the Covenant–8 Everlasting Covenant–1 (Dan. 9:27, Matt. 26:26-29)

DAN69   The Prince Who Confirms the Covenant–9 Everlasting Covenant–2

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