Holding forth the Word of Life; that I may rejoice in the day of Christ

Philippians 2:16

Trinity Reformed Baptist Church

Topeka, Kansas    66614

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Guest Speakers 

I have always been fascinated by the study of weather.  One element of weather is the movement of the wind.  When it blows from the north, the skies clear and the air becomes cool and dry.  When it blows from the south, the heat and humidity arrives.  In some locations, when it blows from the east, clouds and rain will arrive.

A congregation needs to feel the profit and benefit of others who are called to bring God’s Word to God’s people.  Like a refreshing breeze, and like a change to the weather, visiting pastors (or other men who are gifted to preach God’s Word) bring their own style and their own knowledge to God’s desk.  In this section, we have the privilege of sharing with you the “wind and weather” of some of our special guest speakers.  It is my hope and prayer that you might profit from the labors of others in addition to myself.

Also in this section you will find ministry reports from our local missions projects, Caring Pregnancy Options and Topeka Rescue Mission.                  —Pastor Bob Spagnuolo

Follow these links to the page for each speaker:

Topeka Rescue Mission

Pastor Dan Pentimone

Daniel Pentimone, Jr.

Todd Talcott