Holding forth the Word of Life; that I may rejoice in the day of Christ

Philippians 2:16

Trinity Reformed Baptist Church

Topeka, Kansas    66614

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Caring Pregnancy Options

Caring Pregnancy Options

a local abortion alternative in Topeka, KS

To learn more about the ministry of Caring Pregnancy Options, please visit their website.

GS01    Personal Testimonies Kay Lynn Carlson & Carrie Carlson - CPO-ARC - July 2007

GS02    Caring Pregnancy Options and Abortion Recovery Center Update - March 2009

GS09    CPO Ministry Update 2012--new Director Kathy Hart

GS26    CPO Update 2014 (Kathy Hart)

GS40    CPO Update [Jan. 2015] with Q & A (Kathy Hart)

GS53    CPO 2015 Update (Kathy Hart)

GS62    CPO 2016 Update (Kathy Hart)

GS63    CPO 2016 Q & A (Kathy Hart)

Kay Lynn Carlson and Carrie Carlson

former directors of

Caring Preganancy Options &

Abortion Recovery Center

Kathy Hart

Current Director

Caring Pregnancy Options